CMAA Hawaii 9th Annual Mini Conference

CMAA Hawaii Chapter is excited to announce our social distancing-friendly program for the Mini Conference this year! The conference will be held on the Zoom Platform on Thursday, August 20th8:00AM-1:00PM. See links below for flyer and registration. 

Please see below for course descriptions:

Emotional Intelligence:  Foundation for Your Future.

Learning Objectives:

In this course, you will understand the basics of emotional intelligence and how it is defined, and how it relates to success or failure in the AEC Industry, especially with more collaborative project delivery methods.  You will also understand how it relates to your performance, success, and failure.

You will understand how Emotional intelligence affects every aspect of your life including mental and physical processes, your interactions with others, and your view of the world.

You will learn how Emotional intelligence can be measured and improved and what it takes to improve it. (Part 2)

You will learn how to measure your Emotional intelligence and how you can improve it by analyzing where you are now, where you want to be, and how to get there through detailed development plans, measurement, and accountability.  

Welcome to Think Like a Genius: Innovation, Creativity, and Problem Solving.

This course is vital for your competitive advantage and industry survival. Not only will you increase your own creativity, but you will implement ideas that will make your company more innovative.

Learning Objectives:

In this course, you will learn:

• how to eliminate the limitations that hold back your creativity

• ideas on how to improve your creativity and how to improve innovation in your company and projects

• a methodology that gives you a framework to creatively solve problems and create new designs

When you really think about it, the only way to differentiate your company in this crowded, commoditized AEC marketplace is through your people and innovation: You must be able to solve the many problems on every one of your projects more quickly and efficiently. So what are you doing to cultivate more innovation at your company? What are you doing to cultivate more creativity in yourself and your people?

Creativity is vital to the success of your projects, and innovation is a huge key for your company to be more competitive. Owners continue to raise the bar on projects, and without innovation, you can’t improve business processes, schedule, productivity, quality, or safety. Without continuous innovation, you lose your competitive advantage.

This course will give you a roadmap to follow and exercises to perform that will enhance your creativity and the innovation at your company. You will be able to come up with novel solutions to problems and make your company more competitive and your projects more successful.

Current innovations such as VR, AI, laser scanning, drones, 3D printing, modularization, and applying lean production principles to construction projects have already reduced cost and schedule, increased productivity and quality, and improved margins. Think about it this way. What if you and your company came up with the next big innovation?

What would that do for your competitive advantage? This course will give you practical information and exercises on how to improve creativity in yourself and innovation at your company.

How to Create High Performing Teams:  What if you could create high performing teams on every single project?  This course explores way to do just that.  We will delve into how to create the highest levels of performance for individuals, then follow a step by step method to create high performing teams.

Learning Objectives:

1.  Explore and understand our current ways of creating project teams and the pitfalls of those methods.

2.  Examine and understand methods on how to create high performing individuals operating at their highest levels of mental, physical and emotional performance using concepts of emotional intelligence, stress management, sleep, nutrition, and exercise.

3.  Study, explore and understand a methodology to incorporate these high performing individuals into high performing teams on every project.  The steps are:  1. Build the people first. 2.  Plan for success.  3. Measure for success and adjust.  4. High performing people and teams.  5.  Ensure ongoing success. 

4.  Understand and Explore ways to modify this method based on your project size, culture, budget and goals.

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