CMAA Hawai’i 2022 – 2023 Board Members

Aloha CMAA Hawai’i Chapter!

We are pleased to announce the new executive officers and board members from the recent election. The following are the new board members for the 2022 to 2023 session.

President: Bryan Bosworth (RHA Construction Management Group)

Vice-President: Chad White (Bowers + Kubota)

Secretary: Donald Reilly (EKNA Services, Inc.)

Treasurer: Jordan Moniuszko (Oceanit)

Past President: Ivan Nakasone (SSFM)

Chapter Directors: Mike Young (ACK Inc.), Norman Takeya (HCC), and Ranelle Ho (SSFM)

Congratulations to our new 2022-2023 CMAA Hawai’i Chapter Board Members!