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CMAA Hawaii 2018-2019 Officer Elections

Aloha CMAA Hawaii Chapter,

Don’t forget to cast your vote! Voting is open until 4:00 pm next Wednesday.

It’s time for all Chapter members in good standing to participate in the election of our 2018-2019 CMAA Hawaii Chapter Officers. All listed candidates have been contacted and have accepted their nomination for office.

Per Article IV of the Chapter Bylaws – Membership and Voting Section 3. Payment of Dues, defines good standing as ”Any member who has paid in full all current dues levied by CMAA and is located in the assigned geographical area ….”. If you are in the Hawaii Chapter’s assigned geographical area and current in your dues to CMAA National, you are entitled to and encouraged to vote for the chapter officers.

You must enter your full name and your CMAA Member number for your vote to be valid.

The following slate of officers are put forth for your vote:


  • Ranelle Ho (SSFM)


  • Kelly French (Jacobs)


  • Gregg Kodama (Brett Hill Management Group LLC)


  • Emily Boirum (Bowers+Kubota)
  • Scott Ruppel (Koa Design and Construction Group)
  • Lydia Yee (RM Towill)

Please click below to cast your vote.

All votes must be in by 4:00 pm Wednesday, September 19, 2018. Election results will be announced at the Annual Chapter Meeting / Paina.

Mahalo for your support of our chapter,

Your 2017 – 2018 CMAA Hawaii Chapter Board



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